Pat McKinney Illustration

Mural Installation/ Painting

I take commissions for mural work inside and out. I live to create something beautiful for someone's home or workspace.


Designing t-shirts, logos, posters, etc. are all jobs that I am willing to create for a client. Band/ Concert posters are one of my favorite things to design.


Drawing/ Painting faces and people is always something that came naturally to me. I take portrait commissions in all different forms. I prefer to create digital renderings but will use whatever medium the client prefers.


I create illustrations and cartoons for magazines, newspapers, etc. Making everyday situations and top current events into illustrations has always struck me as fun. Putting a satirical twist on dark situations can be a healthy thing.


About My Art and Myself

Creating the weird through everyday life experiences

My name is Pat McKinney and I am an Illustrator/ artist based out of Denver, Colorado. I draw and paint everyday whether it be with acrylic, spray paint or digitally. The inspiration for my work is taken equally from everyday life observations and my wild, unconventional imagination. I like to add the unexpected, the humorous and even the creepy into my art. I'll set up my illustrations so that the more time you spend observing my work, the more you see. Sharing my work and collaborating with others is what I strive for and I'm always looking to create something new.

Denver is great place to be an artist, especially these days. The whole community seems to be intertwined, willing and wanting to work with each other. Nobody is really all that selfish in the fact that if creating is going to happen, the only way to do it is with others.

When I'm not doing art, I am either playing or seeing music with good friends or enjoying what Colorado has to offer. Being in this beautiful state, you cannot help but hike, bike and just be outside.

My Skills

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Illustrator 80%

  • Traditional Mediums 90%

Why Create With Me?

As much as every artist loves creating what they want, I will do everything I can to design what is best for the client. We will work together to achieve the best outcome.

Let's Create!

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